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About the MPRNAC

MPRNAC stands for the Mountain Plains Region Nutrition Advisory Committee

What is the purpose of the MPRNAC?

The Mountain Plains Region Nutrition Advisory Committee (MPRNAC) was formed by the Regional Association for Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations (FDPIR). The committee has changed the way that nutrition education is delivered to FDPIR participants in the Mountain Plains Region. The widely held belief that previous efforts in nutrition education had limited success, due in part to the fact that these efforts were dictated by USDA rather than being driven by program staff or participants, led to the creation of the committee. The committee is made up of FDPIR program directors and staff who are aware of participant needs as well as the best ways to communicate effectively with participants.

What has the MPRNAC been doing or what has it accomplished in the past?

The committee participated in a workshop on "Creating an Effective Team". The main goal of the workshop was to help the group define their objectives and expectations and become an effective team. After the workshop, the committee went on to pursue the goals that they had set for themselves.

Following are projects that the committee has undertaken:
1. The development of a series of 6 videos focusing on different commodities in the food package and one on doing an effective cooking demonstration. The finished videos were presented to Julie Paradis, the Deputy Undersecretary of the Food, Nutrition and Consumer Services at the 1999 mountain plains regional FDPIR meeting.

2. A series of "Healthy Food and Healthy Living - Guidelines for Life" pamphlets has been produced. To date, there are 3 pamphlets in this series: "Basic Guidelines for Diabetics"; "Commodity Sodium Information" and "Nutrition Labeling Facts". Additional pamphlets will be developed upon participant need.

3. A quarterly newsletter, "Mountain Plains Nutrition Notes" which provides nutrition/health tips to participants as well as upcoming events in the Region has been initiated.

4. Grocery bags to be used in distribution of commodites with the Fight BAC logo and information have been printed.

5. An Annual calendar focusing on a different commodity or food group each month.

6. Applied for and received nutrition grants to host cook offs and wellness fairs. Developed posters and cookbooks highlighting product items. Developed posters featuring comdeian/actor Jr. Redwater. Redeveloped our website.

What are the future plans for the MPRNAC?

1. In response to participant requests, the compilation of recipes for a commodity cookbook has been initiated.

2. The MPRNAC would like to produce a nutrition education information program geared specifically to kids, starting our children earlier in their understanding of proper nutrition and diet.

3. The development of a diabetic exercise video containing low impact aerobics or stretching exercises geared towards the special needs of diabetics.

4. An exercise/fitness video of low impact aerobics containing 3 levels of difficulty to meet a wide variety of people's physical needs and capabilities.

5. The continuing expansion of this website, in an on-going effort to keep the member tribes and their tribal members informed of the most current information, research, recipes and nutritional tips so that they may all lead healthier more fulfilled lives.

How has the MPRNAC been doing and what recognition has it received?

In November 1999, the committee was one of the five recipients of the Dan Glickman Pyramid of Excellence Award for their efforts in providing nutrition education to Program participants. The group also recieved the award again in 2000. This award is an outstanding representation of the hardwork this group has done in educating the tribal memebers of the Mountain Plains Region. Through their efforts and dedication, people throughout the region have been eating healthier diets, taking up regular excersie routines and gained a broader knowledge of nutrition and the importance it plays in devloping a healtier life-style.


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